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Server status

2004-11-14 08:45pm CET

Some urgent maintenance has been performed on this server. As a result the jabber server had to be restarted a couple of times. The main jabber server, MSN transport, IRC transport and multi user conference rooms are up and running again.

The remaining troublesome transports (ICQ, Yahoo! and AIM) are being looked into as soon as possible ™

2004-10-30 11:02pm CET

This server has been migrated from jabberd1.4.3 to ejabberd 0.7.5.
For more information on this new server software, check out http://ejabberd.jabberstudio.org/.

We hope to serve you even better after this upgrade. Keep in mind however that some minor changes might be pursued in the upcoming hours or days.

Some transports are not working right now, eg. ICQ and Yahoo! You can expect them to be looked into tomorrow.

2004-10-30 7:20pm CET

Tonight from 9pm-11pm CET, this server will not be accessible due to server maintenance.

Updates will be available on this page.